Words with Friends (2)

Following on from last week’s post about working with critique partners and networking, I’ve finally started to breathe life into the Wattpad account I’ve had for, oh, years!  I tend to lurk on there, read great things, think about how I should put some of my work up, and then get overwhelmed and never actually hit “submit”.

Well, friends, that time is past!  Today I put up chapter one of a little inspy romantic suspense story I’ve been working on: “His Suspect’s Sister”  If you like Christian romance with a decent suspense element and are looking for something new to read…Imma just leave the link right here.  I’m going to be putting up a chapter each week, but I plan to release the full novel in a few weeks, for those of you that aren’t so fond of waiting.  Stay tuned for details.

Readers: Are you on wattpad?  What are you reading at the moment?  (I love new recommendations)

Writers: Are you on wattpad?  Leave a link to your profile/work in the comments, I’d love to check it out!

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