Words with friends (1)

Something I did in the last year that has helped my writing no end was to find a couple of critique partners to work with.  These are people who are following the same goal I am (writing inspirational romantic fiction) and we work through our individual projects together, emailing sections for critique, brainstorming ideas, and often just supporting one another on the journey.  Writing can get pretty lonely, because when it comes down to it it’s just you and your words, and for me it is so helpful to have some people that share in that.

Also, I thrive on accountability.  I am an obliger, so I do great at meeting obligations set by other people, but my own commitments?  Not so much.  So having critique partners, or knowing that an editor is waiting for my finished MS is a much better motivator than knowing I want it done.  It is one of the reasons I am seeking traditional publishing, alongside self-publishing, that additional layer of accountability.  (More on accountability and reader expectations next week!)

Of course, for a critique partner to work, you have to have something that actually needs critiquing, and knowing there are ~3 people out there who might be waiting to read what’s in store for my characters can be a good motivator to write some more.

Which is what I’m doing right now.  3600 words into my 5k-goal for today.  I left my hero and heroine at the start of an argument.  Time to see what they’re going to do next…

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